George Lachanas
George Lachanas
Community Manager / League Operations in Thessaloniki, Greece

An avid gamer & eSports enthusiast committed to growing userbases and increasing engagement for 20 years with bold presence in the engaged communities.

Currently managing gaming groups with 25K+ members combined. Worked for notable companies including but not limited to GameForge, NTT Games, Cyberathlete Professional League, World Cyber Games and most prominently; Electronic Sports League.

Recently co-founded GameRank , a Social esports Platform, bringing over my community & tournament management expertise to build a healthy and engaging audience. I'm using all social media and their moderation tools - currently managing Discord, Facebook and Twitch communities.

Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Co-Founder & COO (Startup) at GameRank
February 2020 – January 2022 (Remote, (United Kingdom))
  • Main focus on community management, reach and retention through Discord/Facebook
  • Managing everyday tasks between co-founders and enthusiastic volunteers.
  • Getting feedback from the alpha and beta testers to communicate to the developers for improvement
  • Providing event, tournament and community expertise through my 20+ years in the industry.
  • Part of the team that created the first and only Battle Royale performance ranking for Call of Duty: Warzone to date.
Co-Owner / Community Moderator at Warzone UK players
November 2021 – Present (Remote, (United Kingdom))
  • Recently acquired a Warzone Facebook group for UK players (12,300 members, 26% growth rate from November 9th).
  • Creating and enforcing rules for a smooth and pleasant user experience.
  • Already started planning for future events/tournaments and community engagement(2.300% engagement growth of comments reactions and posts combined)
  • Already getting known by the community in less than 1 month of acquiring the role.
  • Plan to reach 20k members in Q1 2022.
Co-owner / Community Manager at Call of Duty Hub
December 2020 – Present (Remote, (Greece))
  • Started a new discord looking for group community for the complete Call of Duty franchise.
  • Responsible for community relations and user retention.
  • Event and tournament planning, including the only official PlayHera/Activision qualifier for ESEA in our region.
  • Engagement and relation building with influencers and streamers around the game franchise.
  • Advisor to numerous tournaments and community events for various streamers and influencers.
  • Complete build, control and customization of discord servers.
Community Moderator at Warzone Greece Discord server
March 2020 – December 2020 (Remote, (Greece))
  • Community moderation and coordination of the biggest Warzone related discord server regionally.(3k+ members)
  • Planning and execution of custom community games and tournaments.
Game Master & Community Moderator at GameForge
February 2010 – October 2010 (Remote, (Greece))
  • Was working as a volunteer Game Master through an NDA agreement.
  • Responsible for the smooth daily interactions in 2 game servers.
  • Frequent examining of players actions for irregular activities.
  • Communicating and engaging through the game/company's forum with the users.
National Head & League Operations at ESL Gaming
March 2007 – April 2009 (Greece)
  • Responsible for the whole regional scene of esports for the ESL Greek license holder (Reload Entertainment)
  • League Operations
  • Training Staff
  • Event/Tournament management and operations
  • Coordination of multiple lower tier teams daily
  • Brand growth and retention of users regionally.
  • Handling tickets for all games that ESL supported
  • Stage administration in one of the largest series in esports, ESL Intel Extreme Masters
  • Communication with partners and sponsors for fulfilling mutually profitable deals
Community Manager at
May 2001 – October 2005 (Greece)
  • Co-owner and community relations of the biggest Counter-Strike regional community
  • Event organizer
  • Tech Founder of the biggest gather channel in Greece
  • Forum Administrator
  • Sponsor communication
League Admin / Event Operator at ESL Gaming
March 2001 – March 2007 (Greece)
  • Referee and Games Admin for various games in the ESL ecosystem.
  • Part of the Events team organizing various offline events.
  • Responsible for the uninterrupted flow of the online leagues and tournaments
  • Member of the Anti-Cheat team
English  (proficient)
Greek  (native)
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